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To mark the release of the Cave Diving 3D Epic Sanctum, VR Technology are offering a limited edition ‘Sanctum’ Sentinel Expedition rebreather. The Limited Edition Sanctum Expedition rebreather has all the standard Expedition features, plus special red or silver coloured ‘Sanctum’ cases and hose covers.  And it’s a free upgrade if you order your Sentinel

New Year Specials

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With 2011 now well upon us it’s time to start thinking about where you diving will be heading this year. To give you a bit of a helping hand, were offering a couple of New Year Specials to save you a few pounds and get your diving on the go. IANTD Nitrox Diver – Buy
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Was your New Years Resolution to learn new diving skills?  If so then we might just have the solution for you! We have a couple of spaces available on a IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix course running in January 2011.  The course will take place over the weekends of the 22nd / 23rd and 29th /
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We have a couple of spaces available on an Advanced Recreational Trimix (OC) course running on the 23rd & 24th October at Vobster Quay and the 13th & 14th Nov at the NDAC
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“We are looking for a black golf ball, in an area the size of two football fields. However, the fields are covered in brown cricket balls and we are doing it at night with the lights turned off” Dr Iain Murray (17/07/2010) The day of the Highball Discovery Most people are familiar with the story
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2010 marked the 28th International Shipwreck Conference, and probably one of the best of the last few years. The first presentation of the conference was from John Riley. Entitled ‘Modelling Shipwrecks’, John presented some of the stunning models he has built of shipwrecks over the years, and gave details of his process of deconstruction, to
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HMS Victoria is a pre-dreadnought battle ship, lauched in 1887.  She was accidently sunk in June 1893, after a collision with HMS Camperdown during manoeuvres.  Most of the blame for the incedent was places on Vice-Admiral Sir George Tryon, commander of the British Mediterranean Fleet, who was on board and ordered the manoeuvre. The wreck
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As in previous years, a few of us ventured down to the International Shipwreck Conference in Plymouth over the weekend of the 7th / 8th Feb. This years talks turned out to be as good as ever, despite the terrible weather conditions meaning some people couldn’t make it, including David Mearns, who was scheduled to
This wreck is located approximately 4km outside the main port of Tripoli, and its identity remains unknown. Used by the Vichy to supply submarines with torpedoes, she was sunk by either aircraft or sea vessel.  She now lies in about 60m of water, upright, and usually with very good visibility. Torpedos lie all over the
Le Souffleur is a French Vichy submarine, sunk by the British approximately 10km south of Beirut in June 1941.  She now sits in two reasonably intack halves in just under 40m of water, making in a relatively easy dive.  Fifty Two men were lost during the sinking.