Up & Coming Availability

Open Circuit DSMB Deployment Featured Image
Thanks to a last minute cancellation I now have some weekend availability for May & June. This was originally a CCR Diver Course (AP) but could be anything you want! I also have spaces coming up on Open Water Side Mount Diver courses and OC Normoxic Trimix Courses in the next few months. Of course,

AP Rename Rebreathers

Ambient Pressure Rebreathers
For those of you that haven’t seen , at the start of February Ambient Pressure went through a large re-branding exercise.  Ambient Pressure diving were always the rebreather arm of the company, with the recreational arm being looked after via AP Valves through the Buddy brand.  To avoid further confusion, the two companies are now
VMS Sentinel Featured Image
For those of you that haven’t seen the news, a strong and continued future for the Sentinel CCR came a step closer last week with the release of the following statement from Vobster Diving Ltd Vobster Diving Limited (trading as Vobster Quay) is pleased to announce that it has entered discussions with VR Technology Holdings

Stage Cylinder Rigging

Bad Stage Rigging Featured Image
On most courses that we teach, a lot of time is spent reconfiguring student’s stage and / or bailout cylinders.  This is to be fully expected on entry level courses, where a student may not have dived with a stage before, or may have bought it specially for the course.  On higher level courses a

Fin Straps

Spring Fin Strap Featured Image
A quick post about fin straps…. ( I know, exciting isn’t it!) Although not the most important topic when it comes to equipment choices and configuration, many people go on about different types of fin straps and what you should have / shouldn’t have.  I thought I’d quickly sum up the thinking and add my

TEKCamp 2013

TekCamp 2013 Featured Image
Technical diving is becoming more popular that ever, with many divers deciding that they want to use advanced skills, techniques and equipment to extend their diving range.  For most divers this process starts with seeking advice from current technical divers and technical instructors.  That’s entirely what TEKCamp is all about. Now in it’s third year,
Sub Featured Image
Most of us diver will be familiar with the phrase “Unearned Hit” when it comes to decompression.  Early this month, John Chatterton posted a blog regarding the phrase unearned and it seemed an ideal opportunity to agree with him. You can read all of John’s Blog on his web page at (and I’d encourage you to
X-Ray Magazine Issue 52 Featured Image
The current issue of X-Ray magazine has a nice article regarding becoming a good (or “pro”) technical diver.  Written by Pascal Bernabe, an experienced technical instructor and record holder, it provides a guide for any budding technical diver. Without going into too much details, as you can read the full article for yourself for free,

Course Spaces Early 2013

Open Circuit DSMB Deployment Featured Image
We have spaces available on the follow courses coming up during January and February 2013: CCR Try Dives – Sunday 13th Jan @ Stoney Cove. Your chance to try a rebreather in open water.  Admittedly it’s not the warmest time of year water wise, but we will still try and do a good 40min dive (longer if

NHeO3 OLED Released

NHeO3 OLED Featured Image
I think the image below from VR Technology says it all.  They have finally released the NHeO3 with an OLED screen. An OLED screen on your computer makes reading that vital information so much easier, regardless of how dark it or how bad the visibility is.  As an instructor, I love teaching students with OLED