Phil Diving a Sentinel with Multiple Stages
Divers Completing Their IANTD Advanced Nitrox CCR Diver Course on AP Diving Inspirations
It's been a few months since we last delivered any technical diver training, and in that time a lot of things have changed. Like most divers, we are eager to get back in the water delivering training.

Update on 2019 and 2020

Side Mount Diver Performing Skills
It's quite noticeable that there have been no posts to this website during 2019, and also very little activity on my Facebook page ( if you haven't already liked it). There's quite a simple answer to that, there's been nothing to talk about!

VMS RedBare Rebreather

Red Bare Try Dive
In early January I got the chance to have a dive on the new RedBare Rebreather from VMS – Vobster Marine Systems.  Overall impressions were quite easy – I really liked it! The initial thing you notice about the RedBare is that it’s much smaller than it’s big brother, the RedHead.  Most of this is

Kwark Navy Undersuit Review

Kwark Navy Neck Line Logo
Kwark are a brand fairly unheard of in the UK diving market, but who are making an impact with their range of undersuits, particularly the Kwark Navy Undersuit.  Founded in 1995 they began by making specialised outdoor clothing using some of the best materials. As the water temperature dropped early in the year I decided to
CCR Divers Performing Open Circuit Bailout Ascent Full Size
SDI TDI UK shared this document over on Facebook not that long ago. It will make interesting reading to any diver, but especially technical divers and even more so rebreather divers. If you are planning your bailout on your normal (and probably optimistic) breathing rate of 15 to 20 litres per minute then the

Is 10/52 Always the Best Diluent?

10/52 In A Diluent Cylinder
When venturing beyond the typical air diving range on a rebreather a trimix diluent must be used.  However, because a rebreather effectively blends the gas mix on your back to turn it into a better mix to breath, divers have a tendency to just reach for the same diluents. One of the favourites is a 10/52
Individual Coaching Featured Image
One of the more common requests that I receive is not for training itself, but for individual coaching session.  I thought it might be a good idea to let you know what an individual technical diving coaching session is, what it’s for and what it’s not for. It’s Not Training! Technical diving coaching sessions are

6 Steps When Buying a New Reel or Spool

Dive Rite Primary Reel Featured Image
Although it seems a simple enough task, there are a few important steps to take before using a new reel or spool.  Having just purchased one, I thought it would be a good idea to share my process. There are 6 steps that you should complete before using your new reel or spool.  These become

TEKCamp 2014

TekCamp 2013 Featured Image
Once again I was lucky enough to spend a week last month instructing at  TEKCamp. For those of you that don’t know, TEKCamp is held at Vobster Quay and allows divers to spend a whole week with some of the best technical diving instructors in the country. As an instructor I don’t always get chance to capture