Phil Grigg Technical Diving offers a full range of technical diving courses through Instructor Phil Grigg. Our goal is to provide you with the quality of training needed to make you a safe and self sufficient technical diver while still providing an enjoyable learning experience.

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Phil first started diving at the age of 14, obtaining the qualification of Dive Leader with the SAA. Later moving on to the PADI system, Phil became a Dive Master at the age of 18, working for a number of years in Diver Training.
After many years Dive Mastering, Phil finally became an instructor with BSAC, before moving on to becoming an IANTD Instructor.

As well as diving, Phil is also a qualified First Aid Instructor, teaching a full range of QCF First Aid at Work courses, along with Medical Gases (Oxygen Administration) , AED use and Airway Management.


We are no longer actively offering diver training.  Please read our update here.

What’s Different About Training with Phil Grigg Technical Diving?

Professional Instructor
Phil is a professional full time trainer. Training is booked around your requirements and is available 7 days a week.

Qualified Trainer
While Phil is obviously qualified through the diving agencies to deliver diver training, he also holds professional qualifications is teaching and assessing, particularly in relation to the training of adults and life long learning.

Experienced Technical Diver
Phil has been a technical diver since 1998, and has worked within the dive industry for most of that time too. Not only has Phil spent a lot of time training other divers (mostly technical but also recreational occasionally), he has also been involved in a number of different diving projects.

Quality of Training Guaranteed
We work tirelessly to ensure that all necessary standards for training are fully met, or exceeded where appropriate. We always conform to all requirements under the HSE Diving at Work regulations, and can happily provide all documentation (risk assessments, project plans, HSE medicals etc.) to any student.

Find out all about the equipment we use, recommend and teach on. These include Ambient Pressure rebreathers such as the Inspiration Classic, Inspiration EXP, Inspiration EVO, Inspiration EVP and the VMS Sentinel RedHead

We offer training through the International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers, IANTD. IANTD UK has grown from it begins as the first Nitrox and Technical Diver training agency in Europe in 1991 to its position at the forefront of technical diver training, offering the widest range of courses available anywhere.

We can provide support services for your project and / or expedition. This could include equipment support, gas logistics or just general diving support.