Side Mount Diving Courses

Sidemount Divers Featured Image
This month see’s the long awaited addition of Open Water Side Mount courses to our IANTD Training List. For those of you not familiar with the concept of Side Mount diving, in simple terms you take the two cylinders from your back and put them on your sides.  Any stages or ancillary equipment are then

Checklists, PreBreaths and Working Units

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I’ve posted links to Jill Heinerth’s blog before, mostly because I agree with what she has to say on most subject.  For those of you that don’t know, Jill is a big advocate of rebreather safety (as well as an accomplished diver) and post’s a lot about the subject. Her latest post is a short
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Are you heading over to Dive2011 at the NEC this coming weekend (22nd and 23rd October)? If you are your in for a great experience, with the chance to meet, chat to and listen too some excellent technical divers.  As usually there will no doubt be plenty of new and shiny tech kit to look at too.

VR Technology Free Computers

VR Technology Offers
I think the image below covers it all really… VR Technology are offering a Free Triage Kit (a full set of assorted spares) and a NHeO3 dive computer free if you buy a Sentinel rebreather.  Buy a Sentinel Expedition and not only do you still get the Triage Kit free, but you also get a

Pre Dive Procedures

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Jill Heinerth has posted a video from the Bermuda Deep Water Caves Project, of which she is a part.  I think Jill sums everything up perfectly at the end of her piece Check lists are cool and they save lives Jill Heinerth I can’t really emphasise how much I agree with this statement. Safe rebreather diving

Sentinel Travel Frame

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VR Technology have recently anounced the availability of the new 2011 version of the Sentinel Travel Frame. The improved 2011 Travel Frame is available now from VR Technology with an RRP of £553.18 + VAT. Why Use A Travel Frame? Travel Frames always seem to create a buzz around rebreather divers, but a lot of

Staying Warm This Winter

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With the water in the UK quarries now hitting it’s coldest, a lot of people have been asking me what I recommend to stay warm while diving.  So below you’ll find a detailed list of what I wear when diving.  I’m not saying it’s the best option, but it’s what I’ve been using for a
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To mark the release of the Cave Diving 3D Epic Sanctum, VR Technology are offering a limited edition ‘Sanctum’ Sentinel Expedition rebreather. The Limited Edition Sanctum Expedition rebreather has all the standard Expedition features, plus special red or silver coloured ‘Sanctum’ cases and hose covers.  And it’s a free upgrade if you order your Sentinel

New Year Specials

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With 2011 now well upon us it’s time to start thinking about where you diving will be heading this year. To give you a bit of a helping hand, were offering a couple of New Year Specials to save you a few pounds and get your diving on the go. IANTD Nitrox Diver – Buy
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Was your New Years Resolution to learn new diving skills?  If so then we might just have the solution for you! We have a couple of spaces available on a IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix course running in January 2011.  The course will take place over the weekends of the 22nd / 23rd and 29th /