Technical Diver Training & Services

Phil Grigg Technical Diving offers Technical Diver Training, including Nitrox and Trimix Open Circuit Training and Closed Circuit Training on AP Diving Inspiration EXP, Inspiration EVO, Inspiration EVP and Inspiration Classic and VMS Sentinel and Sentinel Expedition Rebreathers

CCR Training

Closed Circuit Rebreather training available on AP Diving Inspiration and VMS Sentinel Rebreathers

Open Circuit Training

We cater for all levels of open circuit training, from entry level nitrox and side mount courses to higher level technical and trimix courses

Technical Diving Equipment

We can supply new and second hand closed circuit rebreathers from a number of manufacuters. Let us know what your looking forward and we can ensure you get the right product at the right price.

Diving Support & Services

If you planning a diving project or expedition then we can provide support and logistics. From simple air fills to full mixed gas blending or support divers, we can help make your project or expedition run smoothly


Phil Grigg Technical Diving offers a full range of Technical Diver Training & Technical Courses from Open Circuit courses for Nitrox and Trimix through to Closed Circuit Rebreather Courses.  Our goal is to provide you with the quality of training needed to make you a safe and self sufficient technical diver.

Technical Diver Training

We can offer courses for all levels of technical diver training in both Open Circuit and Closed Circuit. We can also provide Side Mount training from entry level upwards.
Interested in preparing gas mixes? We can train you in Nitrox Blending & Trimix Blending too.

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Check out the main equipment that we use, recommend and teach on.
Read more about side mount configurations or research which rebreather model is best for you.

We can supply, source or recommend suppliers of most equipment, Open or Closed Circuit.

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Free Rebreather Try Dives

Did you know we offer FREE rebreather try dives at your pool or club night?

If your club meets in the Midlands Area we’ll come along to your own pool with a number of rebreathers for you to try free of charge*

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